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vire englanniksi

  1. tune

  2. form

  3. tone

  4. puff

  1. to transfer a surplus from one account to cover a deficit in another, to make a virement.

  2. 1996, Derek Glover & Sue Law, ''Managing Professional Development in Education'':

  3. For example, in 1993, only 8 per cent of the survey schools said that they were likely to vire funds if problems arose during the year.
  4. 2005, House of Commons (United Kingdom), ''Prison Education Report'':

  5. Prison education budgets were placed in the hands of prison governors who could vire money to other areas of the prisons.
  6. 2012, David Maclaren, "Changing the Civil Service", ''Managing Public Services'':

  7. Because we cannot vire money between budgets, we buy more machines than we need, but cannot pay anyone to run them!
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  9. A light breeze or the small, disappearing waves on top of water produced by a breeze.

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  11. A shed (gloss)

  12. The state or condition of being correctly tuned; tune.

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  14. The overall pitch an instrument is tuned to, relative to a standard frequency; tuning.

  15. a small ledge on the side of a mountain

  16. an arrow, having a rotary motion, formerly used with the crossbow

  17. (RQ:Gower CA)

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  20. fire