suomi-englanti sanakirja

vika englanniksi

  1. shortcoming

  2. defect, fault

  3. error

  4. wrinkle

  5. imperfection

  6. impairment

  7. glitch

  8. mar

  9. blame

  10. failure

  11. kink

  12. flaw

  1. A large, tree-dwelling rodent ((taxlink)) found in the Islands

  2. (syn)

  3. Wiccan

  4. week

  5. flaw, malfunction, failure, problem

  6. ''Koneessa on vika.''

    There is a malfunction in the machine.

    ''Kun hän näki vian, hän vain kohautti olkapäitään ja alkoi korjata sitä.''

    When he saw the problem, he just shrugged and started fixing it.

  7. fault

  8. ''Se on sinun vikasi.''

    It is your fault.

  9. stain or flaw in character

  10. wrong (''adjective'').

  11. ''Älä valita! Ruoassasi ei ole mitään vikaa.''

    Stop complaining! There's nothing wrong with your food.

    ''Kännykässäni on jotain vikaa.''

    Something is wrong with my cellphone.

  12. the last

  13. flaw

  14. (inflection of)

  15. (alternative form of)

  16. to move, to change direction

  17. to fold

  18. to retreat

  19. to yield

  20. shouting, screaming

  21. (in the expression: ''ge vika'') to in, to fold (under pressure), to give up

  22. to dedicate (time), to designate a period of time for a certain action

  23. ''Jag viker en dag åt mässan.''

    I dedicate a day to (visiting) the expo.

  24. to dedicate, to set aside for a special person or a special use

  25. ''De här kakorna har jag vikt åt stackars Tom - rör dem inte!''

    These cookies I have put aside for poor Tom - don't touch them!

  26. to up, to in (under pressure)

  27. ''Mona Sahlin viker sig inte i första taget.''

    Mona Sahlin doesn't give up easily.

  28. to bend (by laughing too much)

  29. ''De skrattade så att de vek sig.''

    they were rolling on the floor laughing.

  30. to sleep, to go to bed

  31. ''Jag går och viker mig.''

    I'm going to bed.

  32. to unfold, to open a foldout

  33. to expose oneself as a (nude) centerfold, to appear (nude) in a magazine or online

  34. ''Ungdomar viker ut sig som aldrig förr.''

    Youngsters expose themselves like never before.

  35. to avoid