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viitonen englanniksi

  1. five, five-spot

  2. fiver

  3. quin, quint, quintuplet

  1. The digit five

  2. number five (gloss)

  3. ''Kokkonen juoksee viitosradalla.''

    Kokkonen runs on track number five.

    ''Viitonen kulkee vain aamulla ja iltapäivällä.''

    (The tram/bus number) five only runs in the morning and in the afternoon.

  4. Something that is valued as five units of something, such as a five-euro bill, five of spades, a five in a game of dice.

  5. ''Voitko lainata minulle viitosen?''

    Can you lend me a five?

    ''Valttiviitonen kaataa herttaässän.''

    A five of trumps beats the ace of hearts,

  6. quintuplet (gloss)

  7. of a kind (gloss)

  8. (synonym of).