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veg englannista suomeksi

  1. vihannes

  1. Verbi

  2. Substantiivi

veg englanniksi

  1. vegetarian

  2. (quote-book)

  3. The food's lip-smackingly good with some veg options, and there's a ham and eggs breakfast for 3KM.
  4. vegetable(s).

  5. 2002, Tom Grahn, "Food compositions and methods of preparing the same", US Patent 6814975, page 5,

  6. Secondary foodstuffs are exemplified by the following prepared dishes: vegetarian steaks, gratinated vegs, oven made lasagne, fish and ham with potatoes, (..)
    (..) meals of meat and three veg were mostly the same three veg, beans peas potatoes, or peas carrots potatoes.
  7. ''2007 August 31, Graham Linehan, ''(w)'', Season 2, Episode 2:

  8. Ok, Question 40. Do you get your five fruit and veg?Ohh, I mean I certainly ''try'' to... I would say, I would say I probably do.A day.A WHAT??!


  9. vegetarian food.

  10. to vegetate; to engage in complete inactivity; to rest

  11. ''After working hard all week, I decided to stay home and veg on Saturday.''

  12. A unit of subjective weight, equivalent to the perceived weight of lifting 100 grams.

  13. to fight

  14. weak, yielding

  15. (past tense of)

  16. way, road

  17. road

  18. way

  19. direction

  20. ''(l) veg - (l)''

  21. (present tense of)

  22. (imperative of)

  23. (inflection of)

  24. road, way

  25. ''Han knallä säg hejmät vägjen''

    He slowly walked home along the road.