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unused englannista suomeksi

  1. käyttämätön

  2. tottumaton

  1. käyttämätön

unused englanniksi

  1. Not used.

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book), States Department of the Treasury|Department of the Treasury|edition=1973|month=October|year=1972|page=35|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=8roI-8ItmDwC&pg=PA35|oclc=5827575|passage=If you have an unused credit for a year for which you also have additional tax liability because of an early disposal of an asset, you may reduce the added tax liability by the current year's unused credit that may be carried back ''solely'' because of recomputation of the investment credit for the prior year.

  4. (quote-book)|month=June|year=1975|page=9|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=ImbywaXUTogC&pg=PA9|oclc=1979070|passage=A particular problem is the disposal of small quantities of unwanted, surplus, or unused pesticides. Considerable attention has been given recently to the detoxification, prior to disposal, of sizable amounts of pesticides such as the herbicides returned from Vietnam. Some attention has also been given to the smaller amounts of unused pesticides at the consumer level, and in a few communities, specific pesticides such as DDT have been collected by authorities and safely disposed of by proven procedures.

  5. (quote-book)|year=2001|page=|isbn=978-0-316-85554-9|passage=The House Agreement|Lancaster House agreement's clauses on land distribution, which were later written into the independence constitution, are worth reading if only to understand why Mugabe|Robert Mugabe reserves some of his most vitriolic verbal assaults for the British who, as the one-time colonial power, presided over the conference. The clause made it extremely difficult for Zimbabwe's democratically elected government to procure land, even land that was unused. The legal hoops through which a government would have to jump to do so were designed to ensure that it would rarely, if ever, happen.

  6. (syn)


  7. Not accustomed (to), unfamiliar with.

  8. (quote-book) / Of one, whoſe ſubdu'd Eyes, / Albeit un-vsed to the melting moode, / Drops teares as faſt as the Arabian Trees / Their Medicinable gumme.

  9. 1985, (w), ''Cider House Rules|The Cider House Rules: A Novel'', New York, N.Y.: (w), Standard Book Number|ISBN 978-0-688-03036-0; republished as ''The Cider House Rules'', London: Publishers|Black Swan, 1986, Standard Book Number|ISBN 978-0-552-99204-6, page 237:

  10. Oh shut up, Wally, Candy was thinking, although she understood why he couldn't stop babbling. He was unused to an environment he couldn't instantly brighten; he was unused to a place so despairing that it insisted on silence. He was unused to absorbing a shock, to simply taking it in. Wally's talk-a-mile style was a good-hearted effort; he believed in improving the world – he had to fix everything, to make everything better.
  11. (quote-book)|title=Letters to Véra|location=London|publisher=(w)|year=2014|page=|isbn=978-0-14-119223-9|passage=He Nabokov begins this first letter (w) with memorable abruptness and no salutation ('I won't hide it: I'm so unused to being—well, understood, perhaps—so unused to it, that in the very first minutes of our meeting I thought: this is a joke, a masquerade trick ...(nb..)').