suomi-englanti sanakirja

un- englanniksi

  1. not

  2. (m) (“not being announced”)

    (m) (“not educated”)

    (m) (“not attractive”)

    (m) (“not constitutional”)

  3. absent; lacking; not; negative

  4. (m)

  5. contrary to or contrasted against traditional norms; unconventional; alternative

  6. do the opposite of, reverse (a specified action)

  7. ''to'' (m) (“to take one's clothes off”)

    ''to'' (m) (“to reverse a winding”)

    ''to'' (m) (“to undo the locking of”)

  8. 1996, Diane Warren (writer), Toni Braxton (singer), “Un-Break My Heart”, ''Secrets'', LaFace

  9. Un-cry these tears I cried so many nights / Un-break my heart
  10. deprive of, release from, free from, remove from, extract from

  11. ''to'' (m) (“to release from a cage”)

    ''to'' (m) (“to remove the tangling of”)

  12. Used to form temporary names of elements (such as unbiunium) whose existence has been predicted, and have not yet been given a trivial name.

  13. Used to form large numbers as the first in the sequence.

  14. un- (qualifier)

  15. grave; bad; horrifying

  16. (prefixusex)

  17. (romanization of)

  18. (ngd)

  19. at, to, toward

  20. on, up

  21. (suffixusex)

  22. uni-, mono-, one

  23. negation or absence of: un-, non- (i)

  24. bad (i), (m)

  25. (prefixusex) (“malaria,” lit. “bad air”)

  26. (n-g)

  27. un-; prefix of negation, absence or contrariness