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trumpet englannista suomeksi

  1. puupittaa

  2. trumpetti

  3. soittaa

  4. toitottaa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. trumpetti

  3. trumpettija

  4. Verbi

trumpet englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A instrument of the brass family, generally tuned to the key of B-flat; by extension, any type of lip-vibrated aerophone, most often valveless and not chromatic.

  2. (quote-book) |year=1820|volume=20|publisher=Archibald Constable and Company|location=Edinburgh|edition=6th|url= |passage= In trumpets for assisting the hearing, all reverbation of the trumpet must be avoided. It must be made thick, of the least elastic materials, and covered with cloth externally. For all reverbation lasts for a short time, and produces new sounds which mix with those which are coming in.

  3. (ux)

  4. Someone who plays the trumpet; a trumpeter.

  5. *1751, (w), ''The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle'', vol. III, ch. 88:

  6. Next day, he sent a trumpet to the general, with a detail of my misfortune, in hopes of retrieving what I had lost (..).
  7. The cry of an elephant, or any similar loud cry.

  8. One who praises, or propagates praise, or is the instrument of propagating it.

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  11. That great politician was pleased to have the greatest wit of those times (..) to be the trumpet of his praises.
  12. A funnel, or short flaring pipe, used as a guide or conductor, as for yarn in a knitting machine.

  13. A kind of traffic interchange involving at least one loop ramp connecting traffic either entering or leaving the terminating expressway with the far lanes of the continuous highway.

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  15. The result of adopting the latter principle would be that even unimportant T-junctions would be in the form of trumpets or half-cloverleaf junctions.
  16. A powerful stop in organs, having a trumpet-like sound.

  17. Any of various plants with trumpet-shaped flowers, for example, of the genus ''(l)''.

  18. To sound loudly, be amplified

  19. To play the trumpet.

  20. Of an elephant, to make its cry.

  21. To give a loud cry like that of an elephant.

  22. (quote-book)

  23. To proclaim loudly; to promote enthusiastically

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  25. A (l); a small instrument.

  26. One who uses or plays such an instrument.

  27. (senseid) trumpet

  28. (sv-adj-form-abs-indef-n)