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tremulous englannista suomeksi

  1. vapiseva, tärisevä

  1. tärisevä, vapiseva

  2. epävarma, hermostunut

tremulous englanniksi

  1. Trembling, quivering, or shaking.

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  4. (quote-text)|title=A Man Four-Square|chapter=27|passage="Thank God!" he cried brokenly, all the pent emotion of the long night vibrant in his tremulous voice.

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  6. Timid, hesitant; lacking confidence.

  7. (quote-text)|title=The Great Taboo|chapter=15|passage="You have lived here long?" Felix asked, with tremulous interest, as he took a seat.

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  9. This, hard on the heels of the death of Julia Child in 2004, makes one tremulous about the future.