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treble englannista suomeksi

  1. kolminkertainen, kolmois-

  2. sopraano-, diskantti-, korkea

  3. diskantit, korkeimmat äänitaajuudet

  4. kolminkertaistaa

  5. laulaa korkealta

  6. kolmenlainen

  1. sopraano

  2. diskantti

  3. kolminkertaistaa

treble englanniksi

  1. Pertaining to the highest singing voice or part in harmonized music; soprano.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. High in pitch; shrill.

  4. Threefold, triple.

  5. 1837 Penny Cyclopedia, vol. 7, s.v. "Constantinople":

  6. The treble walls and ditches on the land side ... diminish the extent of ground covered with houses.
  7. Trebly; triply.

  8. (rfquotek)

  9. The highest singing voice (especially as for a boy) or part in musical composition.

  10. A person or instrument having a treble voice or pitch; a soprano.

  11. The highest tuned in a ring of bells.

  12. Any high-pitched or shrill voice or sound.

  13. A threefold quantity or number; something having three parts or having been tripled.

  14. A drink with three portions of alcohol.

  15. Any of the narrow areas enclosed by the two central circles on a dartboard, worth three times the usual value of the segment.

  16. Three goals, victories, awards etc. in a given match or season.

  17. 2014, Jacob Steinberg, "Wigan shock Manchester City in FA Cup again to reach semi-finals", ''The Guardian'', 9 March 2014:

  18. As for City, a domestic treble is off the cards and they must haul themselves off the floor quickly with the second leg of their last-16 Champions League tie against Barcelona on Wednesday.
  19. To multiply by three; to make into three parts, layers, or thrice the amount.

  20. To become multiplied by three or increased threefold.

  21. To make a shrill or high-pitched noise.

  22. To utter in a treble key; to whine.

  23. 1618, (w), ''A Hymn to Hermes''

  24. He outrageously / (When I accused him) trebled his reply.
  25. (alt form)

  26. (l); triple

  27. 1314, H. de Mondeville, ''Chirurgie'', page 24, 3rd column, lines 9-12

  28. L'utilité (..) est treble
    : The usefulness (..) is treble