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  1. tortilla

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tortilla

  3. Verbi

tortilla englanniksi

  1. tostada

  1. A flat round bread made out of cornmeal or flour. In Mexican cuisine they are often served with a filling or topping such as ''frijoles'' "beans", ''carne'' "meat", ''salsa'' "sauce", sour cream and cheese; in the latter case they are called quesadillas.

  2. 2001, Rafaela Castro, ''Chicano Folklore'', Oxford University Press ((ISBN)), page 230:

  3. From this dough are shaped small round forms, or a tortilla press can be used to more easily flatten many perfectly round, thin cakes. Tortilla machines, found all over Mexico and the Southwest, can produce hundreds of tortillas per hour.
  4. omelette; an omelette containing potatoes and onions.

  5. 2004, ''The Student Cookbook'', Hachette UK ((ISBN))

  6. An authentic Spanish tortilla is traditionally made with just eggs, potatoes, onions, salt and pepper, but this version contains sliced red and green peppers for a bit of extra colour and flavour.
  7. tortilla

  8. a tortilla-based dish; a burrito

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  11. omelette, (l)

  12. omelette

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  16. omelette, tortilla

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  18. omelette

  19. tortilla