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tense englannista suomeksi

  1. pingottunut, kireä

  2. jännittynyt

  3. pingottua, jännittyä

  4. tempus, aikaluokka, aikamuoto

  5. kiristää, jännittää

  6. tiukka

  1. aikaluokka, aikamuoto, tempus

  2. kireä, jännittynyt, hermostunut

  3. kireä, jännitetty

  4. jännittää

  5. jännittyä

  6. Verbi

tense englanniksi

  1. (senseid) Any of the forms of a verb which distinguish when an action or state of being occurs or exists.

  2. ''The basic tenses in English are present, past{{, and future.''

  3. An (w) form of a verb that indicates tense.

  4. ''English only has a present tense and a past tense; it has no future tense.''

  5. (quote-book)|publisher=Richard Pynſon, Iohan Haukyns|location=London|oclc=715474564|newversion=reprinted as|year2=1972|publisher2=Slatkine Reprints|location2=Genève|title2=Lesclarcissement de la langue françoyse|chapter=The Introduction|page=32|passage=In ſo moche that if any verbe be of the thyꝛde coniugation / I ſet out all his rotes and tenſes(..)

  6. The property of indicating the point in time at which an action or state of being occurs or exists.

  7. ''Dyirbal verbs are not inflected for tense.''

  8. To apply a tense to.

  9. ''tensing a verb''

  10. Showing signs of stress or strain; not relaxed.

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  12. Pulled taut, without any slack.

  13. (senseid) To make tense.

  14. (senseid) To become tense.

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