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tape englannista suomeksi

  1. mittanauha

  2. nauha

  3. nauhoittaa

  4. äänittää, tallentaa

  5. maalinauha

  6. teipata

  7. magneettinauha

  1. Substantiivi

  2. nauha, teippi

  3. Verbi

  4. teipata

  5. nauhoittaa

tape englanniksi

  1. Flexible material in a roll with a sticky surface on one or both sides; tape.

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  3. Thin and flat paper, plastic or similar flexible material, usually produced in the form of a roll.

  4. Finishing tape, stretched across a track to mark the end of a race.

  5. Magnetic or optical recording media in a roll; videotape or tape.

  6. Any video or audio recording, regardless of the method used to produce it.

  7. (quote-journal)

  8. An unthinking, patterned response triggered by a particular stimulus.

  9. The series of prices at which a financial instrument trades.

  10. The wrapping of the primary puck-handling surface of a hockey stick

  11. A strong flexible band rotating on pulleys for directing the sheets in a printing machine.

  12. Liquor, alcoholic drink, especially gin or brandy. (q)

  13. ''white tape'', ''Holland tape'', ''blue tape'' (gloss); ''red tape'' (gloss)

  14. 1827 (originally 1755?), ''Connoisseur'', page=223:

  15. Madam Gin has been christened by as many names as a German princess : every petty chandler's shop will sell you Sky-blue, and every night-cellar furnish you with Holland tape, three yards a penny. Nor can I see the difference(nb..)
  16. {{quote-book|en|year=1817|title=The White Dwarf: A London Weekly Publication|page=222

  17. 1830 (1854), Edward Bulwer Lytton, ''Paul Clifford'':

  18. A tumbler of blue ruin fill, fill for me! / Red tape those as likes it may drain, / But whatever the lush, it a bumper must be.
    Oh! those jovial days are ne'er forgot! But the ''tape lags—When I be's dead, you'll drink one put To poor old Bags!
  19. (clipping of)

  20. {{quote-book|en|year=1923|author=Henry C. Clark|title=Departmental Practice, Admission of Attorneys, Etc|page=7

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  24. To bind with tape.

  25. To record, originally onto tape.

  26. To understand, figure out.

  27. tape, tape

  28. tape (gloss) (defdate)

  29. tape

  30. a gentle touch

  31. a pat

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  33. (inflection of)

  34. path

  35. way

  36. street

  37. (informal form of)

  38. (tlb) band, ribbon, (l)

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  40. to lose (opposite of win)

  41. to lose (q)

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  44. tape, tape

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  46. (quote-book)