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sweat englannista suomeksi

  1. huuru

  2. hikoilla

  3. hermoilu

  4. raadanta

  5. hiki

  1. hiki

  2. hikoilla

  3. raataa

  4. stressata informal, huolestua

  5. hikoilla, vuotaa

  6. juottaa

  7. kuullottaa

  8. kuullottua

  9. Substantiivi

sweat englanniksi

  1. Fluid that exits the body through pores in the skin usually due to physical stress and/or high temperature for the purpose of regulating body temperature and removing certain compounds from the circulation.

  2. (syn)

  3. The state of one who sweats; diaphoresis.

  4. (ux)

  5. Hard work; toil.

  6. Moisture issuing from any substance.

  7. 1613, (w), ''Britannia's Pastorals'':

  8. The Muses' friend (grey-eyed Aurora) yet Held all the meadows in a cooling sweat, The milk-white gossamers not upwards snow'd, Nor was the sharp and useful-steering goad
  9. (RQ:Mortimer Husbandry)

  10. A short run by a racehorse as a form of exercise.

  11. 1740, Henry Bracken, ''Farriery improv'd'':

  12. A Horſe that gains Fleſh in hard Exerciſe, should be ſweated at leaſt twice in ten Days; and he ſhould run near five Miles in Puſhes, that the Sweat may have Time to diſcharge. Those Horſes which are ſweat without Covering, or with a very thin one, should run a long Sweat, as wel call it, and ſtand a conſiderable while afterwards with a thick Blanket or two over them, from Head to Tail; otherwiſe the Sweat will not come out well.
  13. 1840, Richard Darvill, ''A Treatise on the Care, Treatment, and Training of the English Race Horse'':

  14. There are some horses so very delicate, and have to run such short lengths, that they may not require a sweat during the whole time of their being in training.
  15. 2016, Gerald Hammond, ''The Language of Horse Racing'':

  16. A sweat was, accordingly, a training run for a racehorse: a notice in The London Gazette in 1705 advertises a race for hunters that have not 'been kept in sweats above 12 weeks before the day of Running'.
  17. The sickness.

  18. 2009, Hilary Mantel, ''Wolf Hall'', Fourth Estate 2010, page 131:

  19. When the sweat comes back this summer, 1528, people say, as they did last year, that you won't get it if you don't think about it.
  20. A soldier (especially one who is old or experienced).

  21. An extremely competitive player.

  22. (quote-web)

  23. To emit sweat.

  24. To cause to excrete moisture through skin.

  25. To cause to perspire.

  26. To work hard.

  27. To be extremely dedicated to winning a game; to play competitively.

  28. (ux)

  29. To extract money, labour, etc. from, by exaction or oppression.

  30. (quote-journal)

  31. To worry.

  32. To worry about (something). (defdate)

  33. 2010, Brooks Barnes, "Studios battle to save Narnia", ''The New York Times'', 5 Dec 2010:

  34. (quote)
  35. To emit, in the manner of sweat.

  36. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  37. With exercise she sweat ill humors out.
  38. (RQ:King Mist)

  39. To emit moisture.

  40. To have drops of water form on (something's surface) due to moisture condensation.

  41. To solder (a pipe joint) together.

  42. To out.

  43. (quote-song)

  44. To cook slowly at low heat, in shallow oil and without browning, to reduce moisture content.

  45. (quote-book)

  46. To remove a portion of (a coin), as by shaking it with others in a bag, so that the friction wears off a small quantity of the metal.

  47. 1879, Richard Cobden, ''On the Probable Fall in the Value of Gold'' (originally by Michel Chevalier)

  48. To suffer a penalty; to smart for one's misdeeds.

  49. To take a racehorse for a short exercise run.

  50. sweatshirt