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swap englannista suomeksi

  1. vaihtaa

  2. vaihtosopimus, vaihtokauppa

  3. sivuttaa

  1. vaihtaa, tehdä vaihtokauppa">tehdä vaihtokauppa

  2. vaihtokauppa, vaihto

  3. vaihtosopimus, swap

  4. Substantiivi

swap englanniksi

  1. To exchange or give (something) in an exchange (for something else).

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  4. To hit, to strike.

  5. To beat the air, or ply the wings, with a sweeping motion or noise; to flap.

  6. To descend or fall; to rush hastily or violently.

  7. An exchange of two comparable things.

  8. (quote-book)|(w)|section=The Bride of Lammermoor|passage=I e’en changed it, as occasion served, with the skippers o’ Dutch luggers and French vessels, for gin and brandy(..) a gude swap too, between what cheereth the soul of man and that which dingeth it clean out of his body

  9. A financial derivative in which two parties agree to exchange one stream of cashflow against another stream.

  10. Space available in a file for use as auxiliary memory.

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  12. A blow; a stroke.

  13. swap (gloss)