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swamp englannista suomeksi

  1. luhta, suo, räme

  2. peittyä

  3. peittää alleen, tulvia yli

  1. Substantiivi

  2. suo, räme

  3. Verbi

swamp englanniksi

  1. A piece of wet, spongy land; low ground saturated with water; soft, wet ground which may have a growth of certain kinds of trees, but is unfit for agricultural or pastoral purposes.

  2. A type of wetland that stretches for vast distances, and is home to many creatures which have adapted specifically to that environment.

  3. A place or situation that is foul or where progress is difficult.

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  5. To drench or fill with water.

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  7. To overwhelm; to make too busy, or overrun the capacity of.

  8. (quote-journal) ended a primary season in which Hillary Rodham Clinton swamped an antiwar challenger for renomination to the Senate.

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  10. To plunge into difficulties and perils; to overwhelm; to ruin; to wreck.

  11. 1874, (w), ''(w)''

  12. The Whig majority of the house of Lords was swamped by the creation of twelve Tory peers.
  13. c. 1835, William Hamilton, "Metaphysics and Moral Science", in ''Edinburgh Review''

  14. Having swamped himself in following the ignis fatuus of a theory(..)