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surly englannista suomeksi

  1. hapan, äreä, pahantuulinen, töykeä, kiukkuinen

  1. hapan, pahantuulinen, töykeä

  2. uhkaava

  3. koppava, pöyhkeä

surly englanniksi

  1. Irritated, bad-tempered, unfriendly.

  2. Threatening, menacing, gloomy.

  3. ''The surly weather put us all in a bad mood.''

  4. Lordly, arrogant, supercilious.

  5. In an arrogant or supercilious manner.

  6. 1623, Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''Julius Caesar'', I.iii,

  7. Against the Capitol I met a lion / Who glazed upon me, and went surly by / Without annoying me (..)
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