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sunset englannista suomeksi

  1. auringonlasku

  2. hiipuva

  3. illansuu

  4. raukeamis-

  1. Substantiivi

  2. auringonlasku, illansuu

  3. iltarusko

  4. auringonlasku, iltarusko, elämän ehtoo">elämän ehtoo

  5. iltarusko / iltaruskon

  6. Verbi

sunset englanniksi

  1. The time of day when the sun disappears below the western horizon.

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  3. The changes in color of the sky at sunset.

  4. The final period of the life of a person or thing.

  5. (quote-book)|title=Pleasure of Hope|passage='Tis the sunset of life gives me mystical lore.

  6. Having a set termination date.

  7. The tax increase legislation included a sunset clause requiring renewal to prevent the tax increase from expiring.

  8. The region where the sun sets; the west.

  9. To out.

  10. ''We’ll be sunsetting version 1.9 of the software shortly after releasing version 2.0 next quarter.''