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summa englanniksi

  1. amount

  2. sum

  3. sum total, summation

  1. A comprehensive summary of, or treatise on a subject, especially theology or philosophy.

  2. sum (result of addition)

  3. amount (especially of money)

  4. a sum; (gloss)

  5. top, summit, highest point or place

  6. the principal or main thing

  7. sum, summary, total

  8. the quarter, an English unit of weight and volume equal to ¼ ton or tun or 8 bushels

  9. (c.) ''Tractatus de Ponderibus et Mensuris''

  10. Saccus lane debet ponderare viginti & octo petras & solebat ponderare unam summam frumenti
    : A sack of wool ought to weigh twenty & eight stone & is accustomed to weigh one quarter of wheat.
  11. (inflection of)

  12. sum, result of addition