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subspecies englannista suomeksi

  1. alalaji

  1. Substantiivi

  2. alalaji

subspecies englanniksi

  1. A rank in the classification of organisms, below species.

  2. (quote-book) has been divided into several forms, which cannot claim more than the rank of subspecies, as they pass by slight gradations into forms which no author has yet thought it right to separate from the type species.

  3. A taxon at that rank, often indicated with trinomial nomenclature (such as ''silvestris silvestris'' in zoology and (taxlink) in botany).

  4. (quote-journal)|year=1851|volumeplain=part XIX|page=42|pageurl=|issn=0370-2774|oclc=711787888|passage=But these slight differences will not justify us in considering the West African ''chiquera'' as a true species distinct from the Indian true ''chiquera''; it is only a subspecies of the latter true species.

  5. A subdivision of a species in other scientific disciplines.

  6. (quote-book) This subspecies of augite has been hitherto found principally in primitive rocks at Arendal in Norway, in several of the iron-mines, particularly that named Ulve-Grube.

  7. subspecies