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sturdy englannista suomeksi

  1. taipumaton

  2. vankka, tukeva

  3. roteva, kestävä, vahva, vanttera, reipas, rohkea

  1. vanttera, jykevä, roima, roteva, tanakka, tukeva, vankka

  2. jykevä, tukeva, vankka

  3. Substantiivi

sturdy englanniksi

  1. Of firm build; stiff; stout; strong.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Wotton King)

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  5. Solid in structure or person.

  6. (quote-journal), captain of the (w), whom she had met in 1995 working out at the Chelsea Harbor Club gym.

  7. Foolishly obstinate or resolute; stubborn.

  8. (RQ:Butler Hudibras)

  9. (RQ:Atterbury Fourteen Sermons)

  10. Resolute, in a good sense; or firm, unyielding quality.

  11. A disease caused by a coenurus infestation in the brain of an animal, especially a sheep or canid; coenurosis.

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  13. bold, valiant; strong in fight, mighty; bellicose

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  15. (quote-book)