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stunning englannista suomeksi

  1. upea, uskomaton

  2. häikäisevä, erinomainen, loistava, ihastuttava

  3. tyrmäävä, pökerryttävä, huumaava, tainnuttava

  4. hämmästyttävä, yllättävä

  1. tyrmäävä

  2. tyrmäävä, upea, ihastuttava

stunning englanniksi

  1. Having an effect that stuns.

  2. ''The stunning jolt from the taser gun made the criminal stop fleeing.''

  3. Exceptionally beautiful or attractive.

  4. ''That woman is stunning!''

  5. Amazing; wonderfully good.

  6. ''The film was stunning.''

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  8. (present participle of)

  9. The act by which a person or animal is physically stunned.

  10. 2009, Kevin J. Anderson, ''The Ashes of Worlds''

  11. He wished he had tens of thousands more troops under Andez's control so he could round up every one of these demonstrators. But it was futile to continue cracking down. The stunnings, beatings and arrests had only inflamed them further.