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sterile englannista suomeksi

  1. mielikuvitukseton

  2. steriili

  3. hedelmätön

  1. steriili

sterile englanniksi

  1. Unable to reproduce (or procreate).

  2. (RQ:Browne Hydriotaphia) added unto his Name he had remained fruitleſſe, and without the power of generation: (..) So that being ſterill before, he received the power of generation from that meaſure and manſion in the Archetype; and was made conformable unto ''(Kabbalah)|Binah''.

  3. Terse; lacking sentiment or emotional stimulation, as in a manner of speaking.

  4. Fruitless, uninspiring, or unproductive.

  5. Germless; free from all living or viable microorganisms.

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  7. Completely and totally (as in a planet) uninhabitable, devoid of especially even microbial life.

  8. Free from dangerous objects, as a zone in an airport that can be only be entered via a security checkpoint.

  9. Of weapons: foreign-made and untraceable to the United States.

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  14. (l), barren, unprolific, infertile

  15. (l), sterilized (medicine)

  16. vain, pointless

  17. unproductive

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