suomi-englanti sanakirja

stemma englannista suomeksi

  1. puudiagrammi

  2. sukupuu

  3. stemma

  1. Substantiivi

stemma englanniksi

  1. voice part

  1. A tree or recorded genealogy

  2. In the study of stemmatics, a diagram showing the relationship of a text to its manuscripts

  3. One of the types of eyes in arthropodsStemmata|simple eyes in arthropods

  4. part, voice; harmony (gloss)

  5. ''laulaa stemmoja ''

    to sing harmonies

  6. to stop, block, stem

  7. dam

  8. stiffness

  9. moistness

  10. to fit, to agree (with something), to correspond (to something), to coincide

  11. to be tune

  12. to tune (an instrument)

  13. a musical voice or sound

  14. a melody, generally for ballads ((m))

  15. vote (gloss)

  16. stemma (gloss)

  17. of arms, scutcheon, charge

  18. a (l) (non-gloss definition) (l)

  19. a garland (non-gloss definition)

  20. a (l), (l), (non-gloss definition) (l)

  21. (l), honoured pedigree, august (l)

  22. (ux)

    to tell the smoky nobility of his silverware

  23. a (l)

  24. (l)

  25. a (l), a blood-relative

  26. (inflection of)

  27. (alternative form of)