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spray englannista suomeksi

  1. sumu, pisarointi

  2. pirskottaa, ruiskuttaa, suihkuttaa

  3. lehvä

  4. suihkuta, ryöpytä suihkuna

  5. suihku

  6. suihke

  7. sumute

  1. sumu, usva

  2. varpu, terttu

  3. suihkepullo, suihke

  4. suihke, spray

  5. suihkuttaa, sumuttaa

  6. levittää

  7. lehvä

  8. lehvistö

  9. Substantiivi

spray englanniksi

  1. A fine, gentle, dispersed mist of liquid.

  2. ''The sailor could feel the spray from the waves.''

  3. Something resembling a spray of liquid.

  4. (RQ:Heller Catch-22)

  5. A pressurized container; an atomizer.

  6. (synonyms)

  7. Any of numerous commercial products, including paints, cosmetics, and insecticides, that are dispensed from containers in this manner.

  8. A jet of fine medicated vapour, used either as an application to a diseased part or to charge the air of a room with a disinfectant or a deodorizer.

  9. A side channel or branch of the runner of a flask, made to distribute the metal to all parts of the mold.

  10. A group of castings made in the same mold and connected by sprues formed in the runner and its branches(R:Knight AM).

  11. The allocation and filling of blocks of memory with the same byte sequence, hoping to establish that sequence in a certain predetermined location as part of an exploit.

  12. 2015, Herbert Bos, Fabian Monrose, Gregory Blanc, ''Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses: 18th International Symposium''

  13. This approach would be altered for an optimal omelette based exploit. One would spray the heap with the omelette code solely, then load a single copy of the additional shellcode eggs into memory outside the target region for the spray.
  14. A loud scolding or reprimand, usually delivered by a sports coach or similar figure.

  15. 2008, Robert Harvey, ''Harves: Strength Through Loyalty'', Macmillan Publishers Aus. ((ISBN)), page 119:

  16. On match days he could give a good spray, and in many ways he was an old-fashioned coach, having learned a lot of his approach from Ron Barassi.
  17. 2008, Kevin Hillier, ''Rocket Science: The Biography of Rodney Eade'', Macmillan Publishers Aus. ((ISBN)), page 151:

  18. Expectations of what they will put up with have changed and a big spray probably doesn't have the effect it used to have. It certainly worked for me, I would get really aggressive and get fired up 'cause it's a motivational device they used.
  19. 2018, Paul Amy, ''Fabulous Fred: The Strife and Times of Fred Cook'', Melbourne Books ((ISBN))

  20. He could give a bloody good spray, Bricey,' Cook says. 'He'd be frothing at the mouth after he'd finished.
  21. To project a liquid in a dispersive manner toward something.

  22. (ux)

  23. To project in a dispersive manner.

  24. To project many small items dispersively.

  25. {{quote-journal|en

  26. (quote-journal)

  27. To urinate in order to mark territory.

  28. To allocate blocks of memory from (a heap, etc.), and fill them with the same byte sequence, hoping to establish that sequence in a certain predetermined location as part of an exploit.

  29. ''to spray the heap of a target process''

  30. To pass (a ball), usually laterally across the field and often a long distance.

  31. (quote-book)

  32. To kick (a ball) poorly and in an unintended direction.

  33. {{quote-book|en|date=2016-06-28|author=Nick Richardson|title=The Game of Their Lives|publisher=Macmillan Publishers Aus.|isbn=9781925480122

  34. A small branch of flowers or berries.

  35. ''The bridesmaid carried a spray of lily-of-the-valley.''

  36. (quote-book)|chapter=To the Nightingale|title=Paradise Regain’d|location=Birmingham|publisher=J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper|year_published=1752|page=506|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=vBT5y221ZdQC&pg=PA506|passage=O Nightingale, that on yon bloomy ſpray / Warbleſt at eve, when all the woods are ſtill, / Thou with freſh hope the lover’s heart doſt fill, / While the jolly hours lead on propitious May.

  37. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  38. A collective body of small branches.

  39. ''The tree has a beautiful spray.''

  40. (quote-book)|chapter=The recordyng of aungeles song of the Natiuite of oure lady|editor=(w)|title=Hoccleve's Works|volume=III|location=London|publisher=Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.|year_published=1897|section=lines 8–14|page=xlvi|pageurl=https://quod.lib.umich.edu/c/cme/ADQ4048.0001.001/48:3.8|passage= A blisful flour, owt of this spray schal springe ; / The fruyt þer-of schal be ful precïous ; / A causë haue we for to ioye & synge, / In honure of þat maidë gracïous, / That gret comfort schal causen vnto vs ; / ffor now schal faste oure company encrees, / And god with man schal makë smallë pees.|translation=A blissful flower out will spring out of this spray; / Its fruit shall be very precious; / We have cause for joy and song, / In honour of that gracious maid, / Who will make us very comfortable; / for now our company will grow quickly, / And man will make peace with God.

  41. (circa) Edmund Spenser, ''The Faerie Queene''. Book VII, Canto VII:

  42. And from the Trees did lop the needless Spray;
  43. Branches and twigs collectively; foliage.

  44. (quote-book)|title=The Metrical Chronicle of Robert of Gloucester|location=London|publisher=Eyre and Spottiswoode|year_published=1887|section=part I|page=755|pageurl=https://quod.lib.umich.edu/c/cme/AHB1378.0001.001/809:3.13|passage=Gret fur he made þer aniȝt of wode & of sprai.|translation=There, at night, he made a great box out of wood and spray.

  45. (RQ:Blake Songs of Innocence)

  46. (quote-book)|chapter=Catalogue of Culinary Vegetables|title=The Suburban Horticulturalist|location=London|publisher=Bradbury and Evans|year_published=1845|page=631|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=rEdCAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA631|passage=The pea, being a tendrilled climber, whenever it is to be cultivated to the greatest advantage, ought to be supported by pea sticks, which are branches of trees or shrubs well furnished with spray, and of lengths suited to the height to which the plants grow.

  47. An orchard.

  48. An ornament or design that resembles a branch.

  49. (l) (gloss)

  50. spray (device for spraying)

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  52. branch, shoot, or twig of a tree

  53. (imperative of)

  54. aerosol (l) (gl)

  55. (l); atomizer (gloss)

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  57. (alt form)