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spire englannista suomeksi

  1. tornin huippu, torninhuippu, torni

  1. suippotorni, torni

  2. kärki, huippu

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

spire englanniksi

  1. The stalk or stem of a plant. (defdate)

  2. A young shoot of a plant; a spear. (defdate)

  3. 1913, H. Lawrence|D.H. Lawrence, ''Sons and Lovers'', and Lovers/Chapter 12|chapter 12

  4. Clara had pulled a button from a hollyhock spire, and was breaking it to get the seeds.
  5. Any of various tall grasses, rushes, or sedges, such as the marram, the reed canary-grass, etc.

  6. A sharp or tapering point. (defdate)

  7. (quote-book)

  8. A tapering structure built on a roof or tower, especially as one of the central architectural features of a church or cathedral roof. (defdate)

  9. ''The spire of the church rose high above the town.''

  10. The top, or uppermost point, of anything; the summit. (defdate)

  11. *(RQ:Shakespeare Coriolanus)

  12. A tube or fuse for communicating fire to the charge in blasting.

  13. to sprout, to send forth the early shoots of growth; to germinate. (defdate)

  14. 1590, (w), ''The Faerie Queene'', III.5:

  15. In gentle Ladies breste and bounteous race / Of woman kind it fayrest Flowre doth spyre, / And beareth fruit of honour and all chast desyre.
  16. (RQ:Mortimer Husbandr)

  17. It is not so apt to spire up as the other sorts, being more inclined to branch into arms.
  18. To grow upwards rather than develop horizontally. (defdate)

  19. To furnish with a spire.

  20. To breathe. (defdate)

  21. One of the sinuous foldings of a serpent or other reptile; a coil. (defdate)

  22. A spiral. (defdate)

  23. (rfquotek)

  24. The part of a spiral generated in one revolution of the straight line about the pole.

  25. turn (gloss)

  26. (monikko) it|spira

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  30. (monikko) vec|spira