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spiral englannista suomeksi

  1. kierukka, spiraali

  2. kiertyä spiraaliksi

  3. kierre

  4. kiertää

  5. kiemurrella, kaarrella

  6. spiraalimainen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. spiraali, kierukka

  3. kierre, kierukka

  4. kierre

  5. Verbi

spiral englanniksi

  1. A curve that is the locus of a point that rotates about a fixed point while continuously increasing its distance from that point.

  2. A helix.

  3. A self-sustaining process with a lot of momentum involved, so it is difficult to accelerate or stop it at once.

  4. Helical, like a spiral

  5. To move along the path of a spiral or helix.

  6. ''The falling leaves spiralled down from the tree.''

  7. To cause something to spiral.

  8. ''You need to learn how to spiral a ball.''

  9. To increase continually.

  10. ''Her debts were spiralling out of control.''

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  12. spiral

  13. (topics) hip

  14. a (l), (l)

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