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spew englannista suomeksi

  1. purkautua, syöstä

  2. sylkeä

  3. oksentaa

  1. Verbi

  2. syöstä

  3. oksentaa

  4. Substantiivi

spew englanniksi

  1. To eject forcibly and in a stream,

  2. 2014 December 11, Megan Willett, "The 16 Most Disappointing Places To Visit On Earth", ''Business Insider UK'':

  3. But you get to the beach via monorail and you get to the sand and look out to the ocean and all you see is oil tankers and factories spewing smoke on the horizon. It was like some sort of futuristic dystopia.
  4. To be forcibly ejected.

  5. (quote-book)

  6. To speak or write quickly and voluminously, especially words that are not worth listening to or reading.

  7. To be written or spoken voluminously.

  8. To vomit.

  9. To ejaculate.

  10. *17th century, widely attributed to (w):

  11. I rise at eleven, I dine about two, I get drunk before seven, and the next thing I do; I send for my whore, when for fear of a clap, I spend in her hand, and I spew in her lap
  12. To develop a white powder or dark crystals on the surface of finished leather, as a result from improper tanning.

  13. Vomit.

  14. 2001, Douglas Maddon, ''The English Department's Whores'' (page 247)

  15. Poor old Sedgwick had been chased around the rugger pitch by a lunatic in a car, and then seen his researcher covered in spew from a drunken student.
  16. Ejaculate or ejaculation.

  17. Nonsense or lies.

  18. Material that has been ejected in a stream, or the act of spewing.

  19. A white powder or dark crystals that appear on the surface of improperly tanned leather.

  20. Adhesive that is squeezed from a joint under pressure and held across the joint by a fillet, thereby strengthening the joint.

  21. (alt form)