suomi-englanti sanakirja

sperma englanniksi

  1. come, cum

  1. (obsolete form of)

  2. 1600, John Pory (translator), ''A Geographical Historie of Africa'' (original by Leo Africanus), page 344:

  3. The head of this fish is as hard as stone. The inhabitants of the Ocean sea coast affirme that this fish casteth foorth Amber; but whether the said Amber be the sperma or the excrement thereof, they cannot well determine.
  4. sperm, semen

  5. sperm, semen (gloss)

  6. sperm

  7. semen

  8. sperm (qualifier)

  9. seed, semen, sperm

  10. (topics) sperm, semen (gloss)

  11. semen, sperm

  12. (syn)

  13. (l), (l)

  14. (inflection of)

  15. (l), (l) (topics)

  16. (noun form of)