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spasmodic englannista suomeksi

  1. kouristuksenomainen

  2. puuskittainen

  1. Substantiivi

spasmodic englanniksi

  1. Of or relating to a spasm; resembling a sudden contraction of the muscles.

  2. Convulsive; consisting of spasms.

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  4. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Printed for Harmen Noorthouck(nb...)|year=1734|page=52|pageurl=|oclc=14332927|passage=(..) Dr. ''Fuller the Younger|Francis Fuller'', (..) upon wearing a Quick-ſilver Girdle, for the Cure of the Itch, (and that after an inconſiderate and raſh manner) was brought under a violent Spaſmodick Diſtemper, which was ſupposed by himſelf and others to be owing to ſome Mercurial Particles lodg'd in ſome excretory Ducts of the Brain.

  5. Intermittent or fitful; occurring in abrupt bursts.

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  7. Erratic or unsustained.

  8. Of or relating to the (w), a group of British Victorian poets who wrote introspective drama in verse.

  9. A medicine for suppressing spasms.

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