suomi-englanti sanakirja

soi englanniksi

  1. In Thailand, a side-street branching off a major street; an alley or lane.

  2. 2019, ''The Mysterious Case of the Missing Tuk-Tuk'', Zach J Brodsky, Brodsky Press, Chapter 2:

  3. When a motorbike sped too fast down their little side street, ... Daeng and Nat would be revisiting many ranting conversations they'd had about motorbikes treating this tiny soi like it was the highway.
  4. (inflection of)

  5. evening

  6. one (reflexive pronoun)

  7. oneself

  8. he

  9. his, her, its, their

  10. (fi-form of)

  11. one

  12. himself, herself, itself

  13. (n-g)

  14. himself

  15. herself

  16. itself

  17. breed, kind, ilk, species, variety, race

  18. (es-verb form of); You are.

  19. to flash (light); to illuminate; to light; to give light to

  20. to look at one's image in (a mirror)

  21. (uxi)

  22. to candle (e.g. an egg)

  23. to see closely (under a microscope, magnifier, etc.); to examine

  24. alluvial island (in a river)

  25. accomplished; experienced; well-versed in