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slab englannista suomeksi

  1. laatta, levy

  1. laatta, levy, kimpale

  2. laatta

  3. Substantiivi

slab englanniksi

  1. (anchor) A large, flat piece of solid material; a solid object that is large and flat.

  2. 1859, John Lang, ''Botany Bay, or, True Tales of Early Australia'', %22slabs%22+beer+australia+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&dq=%22slab%22|%22slabs%22+beer+australia+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&source=bl&ots=62R3V_FEFf&sig=XUEhXM5h3nIPwjE7OfI-D7L-vhc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Xx9PUPnmE5GZiAfdoIDQBw&redir_esc=y page 155,

  3. There were no windows in the inn. They were not required, since the interstices between the slabs suffered the wind, the rain, and the light of day to penetrate simultaneously.
  4. (RQ:London John Barleycorn) And many a day I made my entire lunch off of one of those slabs.

  5. 2010, Ryan Humphreys, ''The Flirtations of Dan Harris'', page 73:

  6. “The pier? You mean those few sodden logs tied together and that dingy slab of rough concrete.”
  7. (anchor) A paving stone; a flagstone.

  8. A carton containing 24 cans (chiefly of beer). (defdate)

  9. 2001, Carlyon|Les Carlyon, ''Gallipoli'', page 8,

  10. The Australians murder a few slabs of beer and the New Zealanders murder a few vowels.
  11. *2002, (w), ''Journey to the Stone Country'', Allen & Unwin 2003, p. 88:

  12. The older man bought a slab of Coca-Cola at the counter and carried it out ahead of the younger man.
  13. 2008, Diem Vo, ''Family Life'', Alice Pung (editor), page 156,

  14. However, unlike in Ramsay Street, there were never any cups of tea or bickies served. Instead, each family unit came armed with a slab of beer.
  15. 2010, Holly Smith, ''Perth, Western Australia & the Outback'', Hunter Publishing, unnumbered page,

  16. Common 375-ml cans are called tinnies, and can be bought in 24-can slabs for discounted prices.
  17. 2009, Ross Fitzgerald, Trevor Jordan, ''Under the Influence: A History of Alcohol in Australia'', 2011, unnumbered page,

  18. One essential part of the strategy for selling regionally identified beers beyond their borders was the selling of slabs — a package of four six-packs of stubbies or cans — for discounted prices interstate.
  19. (anchor) An outside piece taken from a log or timber when sawing it into boards, planks, etc.

  20. The slack part of a sail.

  21. A large, luxury pre-1980 General Motors vehicle, particularly a Buick, Oldsmobile{{, or Cadillac.

  22. (quote-web)

  23. A very large wave.

  24. 2009, Bruce Boal, ''The Surfing Yearbook'', SurfersVillage, page 31,

  25. After being towed into a massive slab, Dorian dropped down the face and caught a rail, putting him in a near-impossible situation.
  26. 2011, Douglas Booth, ''Surfing: The Ultimate Guide'', page 95,

  27. In August 2000 he successfully rode a slab of unfathomable power at Teahupo′o.
  28. A sequence of 12 adjacent bits, serving as a byte in some computers.

  29. The amount by which a cache can grow or shrink, used in memory allocation.

  30. Part of a plate that is being, or has been, subducted.

  31. 2015, Dapeng Zhao, ''Multiscale Seismic Tomography'', Springer, page 72,

  32. Being driven by the gravitational force, the subducting Pacific slab continues to sink down to the boundary between the upper and lower mantle (..)
  33. A poured-concrete foundation for a building.

  34. To make something into a slab.

  35. Mud, sludge.

  36. (RQ:Evelyn Sylva).

  37. Thick; viscous.

  38. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  39. A car that has been modified with equipment such as loudspeakers, lights, special paint, hydraulics, and other accessories.

  40. 2005, (w) (featuring (w)), "(w)", ''(w)'':

  41. Pull me over, try to check my slab
  42. 2006, tha Truth|Trae (featuring (w) and (w)), "Swang", ''(Trae album)|Restless'':

  43. I'mma swang, I'mma swing my slab lean to the left
  44. {{quote-book|en|year=2012|author=Bobby Austin|title=By All Mean$|pageurl=|page=56|publisher=AuthorHouse|year_published=2012|isbn=9781468542943

  45. (anchor) A bird, the wryneck.

  46. weak

  47. lean, thin, skinny

  48. bad, wicked, evil

  49. evil

  50. (l)

  51. (l) (of metal to be worked)

  52. (syn)

  53. thin, skinny

  54. bad (not good)