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  1. skank

  2. saasta

  1. Substantiivi

skank englanniksi

  1. A lewd and disreputable person, often female, especially an unattractive person with an air of tawdry promiscuity.

  2. (quote-journal)''Hawk'': to watch – as in “Man, that skank steady hawks me in school.”

  3. (quote-av)|title=(w)|year=1996|people=(w)|role=Bob Sugar|location=Culver City, Calif.|publisher=(w); distributed by Pictures Home Entertainment|Columbia TriStar Home Video|year_published=1997|isbn=978-0-8001-4174-5|passage=It's also my job to take care of the skanks on the road that you bang.

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  5. Anything that is particularly foul, unhygienic or unpleasant.

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  7. Lewd, vulgar, skanky.

  8. A dance performed to ska, dub, or reggae music.

  9. (quote-journal)the ability to double up with contagious laughter; the feeling of pure child-like glee; and the mesmerizing, trance-like skank dancing that looks like African aerobics after centuries of rhythm.|volume=32|issue=1

  10. A style of rhythmic guitar strumming in ska, reggae, and punk.

  11. To dance the skank.

  12. To play guitar with a skank rhythm.

  13. To be dishonest or unreliable, to defraud or deceive, to steal.

  14. (quote-book) In any event ‘Family Man’ believed that they had an oral agreement, and placed his faith in Marley (from whom they received their wages) that he would not skank them.

  15. The act of cheating a person.

  16. ''That's not a good deal; it's a skank.''

  17. To cheat, especially a friend.

  18. ''He short-changed a partner, leaving him feeling skanked.''

  19. (quote-book)|Charlie Says - Don't Get High on your Own Supply||101|He thought I was trying to skank him and wouldn’t wait any more; he wanted to be there. ''He'' wouldn’t wait!

  20. thigh, thighbone (q)

  21. shank (q)

  22. hind limb, foot

  23. meat from such a part of the body

  24. big-boned she-creature, especially an animal with big thighs and hips

  25. a leg (human or animal)

  26. ''rör på skankarna!''

    move your legs! (walk on, keep moving)