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shy englannista suomeksi

  1. heittää, paiskata, viskata

  2. heitto

  3. vajaa

  4. ujosteleva

  5. säikkyä, kavahtaa

  6. ujo

  1. arka

  2. ujo

  3. arka, varovainen

  4. vajaa

  5. nolo

  6. Verbi

  7. säikkyä, kavahtaa

  8. heittää

  9. Substantiivi

  10. heitto

  11. heittopaikka

shy englanniksi

  1. Easily frightened; timid.

  2. 1726, (w), ''Gulliver's Travels''

  3. The horses of the army, and those of the royal stables, having been daily led before me, were no longer shy, but would come up to my very feet without starting.
  4. Reserved; disinclined to familiar approach.

  5. (syn)



  6. 1712, (w), ''The History of John Bull''

  7. What makes you so shy, my good friend? There's nobody loves you better than I.
  8. Cautious; wary; suspicious.

  9. 1641, (w), ''The Characters of Robert Devereux and George Villiers''

  10. Princes are, by wisdom of state, somewhat shy of their successors.
  11. (RQ:Boyle Some Considerations Touching Experimental Essays in Genera)

  12. I am very shy of building any thing of moment upon foundations
  13. Short, insufficient or less than.

  14. (quote-av)

  15. (quote-journal)

  16. Embarrassed.

  17. (rfex)

  18. To avoid due to caution or timidness.

  19. To jump back in fear.

  20. To throw sideways with a jerk; to fling.

  21. (RQ:Hughes Tom Brown)

  22. (RQ:Collins Moonstone)

  23. An act of throwing.

  24. (RQ:Thackeray Pendenni)

  25. Foker discharged a prodigious bouquet at her, and even Smirke made a feeble shy with a rose, and blushed dreadfully when it fell into the pit
  26. 1846, ''Punch'' Volume 10

  27. If Lord Brougham gets a stone in his hand, he must, it seems, have a shy at somebody.
  28. 2008, (w), ''Kieron Smith, Boy'', Penguin 2009, p. 55:

  29. The game had started. A man was chasing the ball, it went out for a shy.
  30. A place for throwing.

  31. A sudden start aside, as by a horse.

  32. In the Eton College game, a point scored by lifting the ball against the wall in the calx.