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short englannista suomeksi

  1. niukka, tiukka

  2. vajavainen

  3. lyhyt

  4. pettää

  5. mennä oikosulkuun, tehdä oikosulku, oikosulkea

  6. vajaa

  7. lyhyt kauppa

  8. short

  9. ennakolta

  10. poikki

  11. tappiolle

  12. lyhyesti

  13. niukkasanainen

  14. lyhytaikainen

  15. kesken lauseen

  16. alle, vaille

  17. oikosulku

  18. murea

  19. äkkiä

  1. lyhyt

  2. lyhennys, lyhyt muoto nouns

  3. muro / muro-

  4. niukka

  5. vajaa, puutteellinen, vähäinen, vähä; vähän adv.

  6. vajaa, puutteellinen deficient, vähempi less; epätyydyttävä not up to measure

  7. raaka, pelkkä

  8. pikainen; pian adv.

  9. äkkiä, lyhyeen; keskeyttää to cut short

  10. valmistautumattomana|s, valmistautumattomina (monikko) ; yllättää to catch short

  11. olla huonompi kuin">olla huonompi kuin to fall short of

  12. lyhyt adj.

  13. Substantiivi

  14. lyhennelmä

  15. lyhyt äänne">lyhyt äänne sound, lyhyt tavu">lyhyt tavu syllable, lyhyt vokaali">lyhyt vokaali vowel

  16. Verbi

  17. oikosulkea, aiheuttaa oikosulku">aiheuttaa oikosulku

  18. mennä oikosulkuun">mennä oikosulkuun

  19. myydä lyhyeksi">myydä lyhyeksi, shortata

  20. puuttua to be short

short englanniksi

  1. Having a small distance from one end or edge to another, either horizontally or vertically.

  2. Of comparatively small height.

  3. Having little duration.

  4. (antonyms)

  5. {{quote-journal|en|year=2012|month=March-April| author=Anna Lena Phillips| title=Sneaky Silk Moths

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  7. Of a word or phrase, constituting an abbreviation (for another) or shortened form (of another).

  8. that is relatively close to the batsman.

  9. bowled so that it bounces relatively far from the batsman.

  10. that falls short of the green or the hole.

  11. Of betting odds, offering a small return for the money wagered.

  12. Brittle, crumbly. (qualifier)

  13. (quote-book)

  14. Abrupt; brief; pointed; petulant.

  15. Limited in quantity; inadequate; insufficient; scanty.

  16. Insufficiently provided; inadequately supplied, especially with money; scantily furnished; lacking.

  17. Deficient; less; not coming up to a measure or standard.

  18. (quote-book)|Imaginary Conversations|passage=(..)the people are worn down with taxes, and hardly anything short of an invasion could rouse them again to war.|volume=IV|chapter=The Emperor Alexander and Capo D'Istria

  19. Undiluted; neat.

  20. 1848, Charles Dickens, ''Dombey and Son''

  21. “There ain’t no drain of nothing short handy, is there?” said the Chicken, generally. “This here sluicing night is hard lines to a man as lives on his condition.”Captain Cuttle proffered a glass of rum (..)
  22. 2003, Linda Chaikin, ''Desert Rose''

  23. Delance raised his beer and watched Hoadly throw down another swig of hard stuff. "Take it short if you want to make it over the mountain tonight."
  24. Not distant in time; near at hand.

  25. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  26. (RQ:Clarendon History)

  27. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jones)

  28. But, alas! he who escapes from death is not pardoned; he is only reprieved, and reprieved to a short day.
  29. Being in a financial investment position that is structured to be profitable if the price of the underlying security declines in the future.

  30. Doubtful of, skeptical of.

  31. Of money: given in the fewest possible notes, i.e. those of the largest denomination.

  32. (ant)

  33. 1909, James Blyth, ''The member for Easterby'' (page 296)

  34. He pulled a cheque-book from his pocket, and drew for two hundred thousand pounds. “I'll take it short,” he said (..)
  35. Abruptly, curtly, briefly.

  36. Unawares.

  37. Without achieving a goal or requirement.

  38. Relatively far from the batsman and hence bouncing higher than normal; opposite of full.

  39. With a negative ownership position.

  40. A circuit.

  41. A film.

  42. 2012 July 12, Sam Adams, AV Club ''Ice Age: Continental Drift'',82358/

  43. Preceded by a Simpsons short shot in 3-D—perhaps the only thing more superfluous than a fourth Ice Age movie—Ice Age: Continental Drift finds a retinue of vaguely contemporaneous animals coping with life in the post-Pangaea age.
  44. A short version of a garment in a particular size.

  45. A shortstop.

  46. A seller.

  47. A sale.

  48. A summary account.

  49. (RQ:Shakespeare Midsummer)

  50. A short sound, syllable, or vowel.

  51. An (l) (l) having a smaller range than normal integers; usually two bytes long.

  52. An automobile; especially in ''crack shorts'', to break into automobiles.

  53. 1975, Mary Sanches, Ben G. Blount, ''Sociocultural Dimensions of Language Use'' (page 47)

  54. For example, one addict would crack shorts (break and enter cars) and usually obtain just enough stolen goods to buy stuff and get off just before getting sick.
  55. 1982, United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice, ''Career Criminal Life Sentence Act of 1981: Hearings'' (page 87)

  56. (..) list of all crimes reported by these 61 daily criminals during their years on the street is: theft (this includes shoplifting; "cracking shorts", burglary and other forms of stealing), dealing, forgery, gambling, confidence games (flim-flam, etc.) (..)
  57. To cause a circuitNoun|short circuit in (something).

  58. To circuitVerb|short circuit.

  59. To shortchange.

  60. To provide with a smaller than agreed or labeled amount.

  61. To sell something, especially securities, that one does not own at the moment for delivery at a later date in hopes of profiting from a decline in the price; to short.

  62. To shorten.

  63. Deficient in.

  64. Having a negative position in.

  65. drawing (action where the outcome is selected by chance using a draw)

  66. sweepstakes

  67. insane; crazy

  68. to become insane; to become crazy

  69. to malfunction

  70. to short-circuit

  71. shorts, trousers (qualifier)

  72. short (short film etc)

  73. (alternative form of)

  74. shorts (gloss)

  75. (syn)

  76. shorts