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  1. samainen

  1. sama, samainen

  2. Substantiivi

selfsame englanniksi

  1. ''Chiefly preceded by'' the: precisely the same; the very same; the same not only in being (l) but in being (l).

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  9. (RQ:Emerson Society and Solitude),—always self-same, like the sky.

  10. (quote-book) But you can imagine my surprise when I angled said state-of-the-art bins to the street, watched the long black car as it rolled up and saw the self-same guy step out of it.

  11. ''Chiefly preceded by'' the: precisely the same person or thing.

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  13. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=(...) Manship|Samuel Manship,(nb...); and William Hawes,(nb...)|year=1701|volume_plain=part I|page=50|pageurl=|oclc=1143524021|passage=So ſtrictly is the Specific Nature preſerv'd in the Individuals of the ſame kind, vvho all equally partake of it, and are ſo very reſembling and uniform in it, that they ſeem but as ſo many ''Self-ſames'', ſo many Reproductions of one thing, like the Image of the ſame Face repeated by a Multiplying Glaſs. Thus for Inſtance, in Men, there is the ſame common Human Nature in all of them vvithout Intenſion or Remiſſion, the ſame Intellectual Frame, the ſame thinking Principle, the ſame rational Faculties, the ſame Radical Deſires and Inclinations, the ſame Natural Affections, the ſame Springs of Paſſion, &c.