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schematic englannista suomeksi

  1. kaava

  2. kaavamainen

  1. kaavamainen, skemaattinen, periaatteellinen

  2. luonnosmainen, kaavamainen

  3. skemaattinen

  4. Substantiivi

schematic englanniksi

  1. represented too simply or in an overly formulaic way, reflecting a shallow or incomplete understanding of complex matter

  2. sketchy, incomplete

  3. 1902, James|William James, ''Varieties of Religious Experience'',

  4. Dr. Starbuck gives an interesting, and it seems to me a true, account -- so far as conceptions so schematic can claim truth at all...
  5. relating to a schema

  6. (quote-book)

  7. Given the terminology we have introduced here, we can say that all of the bracketed phrases in (3) above are of the schematic form (4) belo(4)    Specifier + Head + ComplementNow, we have already argued in the case of Noun Phrases that a Head Noun together with its Complement form an N-bar; and that this N-bar together with its Specifier ( = Determiner) forms an N-double-bar.
  8. A simplified line drawing used by scientists, engineers, technologists and others to illustrate a system at an abstract level. Schematic drawings often use standard symbols for clarity.

  9. ''I'll have to study the schematics for the new integrated circuit before I can create a good layout.''

  10. (l)