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scandal englannista suomeksi

  1. skandaali

  1. Substantiivi

  2. skandaali

  3. Verbi

scandal englanniksi

  1. An incident or event that disgraces or damages the reputation of the persons or organization involved.

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  6. Well, yes, a couple of leaks are all very well, but it takes more than that... A big scandal perhaps. A political scandal. Or a scandal about something people ''really'' understand: Sex... or money.
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  8. Damage to one's reputation.

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  10. Widespread moral outrage, indignation, as over an offence to decency.

  11. Religious discredit; an act or behaviour which brings a religion into discredit.

  12. Something which hinders acceptance of religious ideas or behaviour; a stumbling-block or offense.

  13. Defamatory talk; gossip, slander.

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  15. Scandal at Barchester affirmed that had it not been for the beauty of his daughter, Mr. Harding would have remained a minor canon; but here probably Scandal lied, as she so often does; for even as a minor canon no one had been more popular among his reverend brethren in the close, than Mr. Harding; and Scandal, before she had reprobated Mr. Harding for being made precentor by his friend the bishop, had loudly blamed the bishop for having so long omitted to do something for his friend Mr. Harding.
  16. To treat opprobriously; to defame; to slander.

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  18. To scandalize; to offend.

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  20. A propensity to scandal may partly proceed from an inability to distinguish the proper objects of censure
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