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sandwich englannista suomeksi

  1. panna väliin

  2. voileipä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kerrosvoileipä, voileipä

  3. sandwich

  4. Verbi

  5. kerrostaa

sandwich englanniksi

  1. A dish or foodstuff where two or more slices of bread serve as the wrapper or container of some other food.

  2. 2002, Serena Carrington, ''Avalon'', Writers Club Press, p.92:

  3. He laid out a linen tablecloth and a few sandwichs from some bread, dressing, and beef.
  4. 2012, Allie McNeil, ''Watergate Summer'', AuthorHouse, p.160:

  5. And the only "care" I could offer was egg sandwichs and Lilly's unfaltering attention.
  6. (qualifier) Any combination formed by layering one type of material between two layers of some other material.

  7. A cake or cake.

  8. (quote-book) our local agricultural fair in Warwickshire even has a category for Victoria sandwiches baked by male bakers.

  9. A sandwichman (gloss).

  10. ''Pall Mall Gazette'', quoted in 2004, Chris Jenks, ''Urban Culture'' (page 129)

  11. We have, and not so very long ago, seen women employed as 'sandwiches'.
  12. To place one item between two other, usually flat, items

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  14. *(quote-web) overlapped with space and time on his side, his delivery being met by (w), who steered his header home while sandwiched between (w) and (w).

  15. To put or set something between two others, in time.

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  17. To penetrate

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  19. Of a meal or serving size that is smaller than a dinner.

  20. sandwich

  21. sandwich (gloss)

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  23. a sandwich (topics)

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