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saleable englannista suomeksi

  1. myyntikelpoinen

  1. Substantiivi

saleable englanniksi

  1. Suitable for sale; marketable; worth enough to try to sell.

  2. (quote-book), and are to bee solde at the little west doore of St Paul's Cathedral|Poules|year=1598|oclc=932884775|editor2=Payne Collier|John Payne Collier|title2=Skialetheia. Or, A Shadowe of Truth in Certaine Epigrams and Satyrs|series2=Miscellaneous Tracts. Temp. Eliz. & Jac. I.|seriesvolume2=4, 10, 14|location2=publisher2=s.n.|year2=1870|page2=34|pageurl2=|oclc2=972853364|passage=Consider what a rough worme-eaten table / By well-mix'd colours is made ſaleable; / Or how toad-houſing ſculs, and old ſwart bones / Are grac'd with painted toombs and plated ſtones; (..)

  3. (quote-book)'' cenſureth fitly of them ''percunctatores garruli'' idle, and ''(w)'' amplie deſcribeth their natures, terming them by an old but ſignificant name of ''famigeratores'', as filled both in the eares and in the mouth, with a certaine ſaleable windy matter of rumours and reports.

  4. (quote-journal)|author2=Caroline A. Foley, transl.|title=On the Origin of Money|editor=Ysidro Edgeworth|Francis Ysidro Edgeworth|journal=Economic Journal|The Economic Journal: The Journal of the British Economic Association|location=London; New York, N.Y.|publisher=Publishers|Macmillan and Co.|month=June|year=1892|volume=II|issue=6|section=section VI (On the Genesis of Media of Exchange)|page=248|pageurl=|issn=1468-0297|oclc=969750395|passage=With the extension of traffic in space and with the expansion over ever longer intervals of time of prevision for satisfying material needs, each individual would learn, from his own economic interests, to take good heed that he bartered his less saleable goods for those special commodities which displayed, beside the attraction of being highly saleable in the particular locality, a wide range of saleableness both in time and place.

  5. (quote-book)&93;, or if that proves impossible, an understandable series of basic management principles.

  6. (quote-book)|location=Chicago, Ill.|publisher=(w)|year=2015|page=195|pageurl=|isbn=978-1-56976-146-5|passage=Van Zant|Ronnie Van Zant, meanwhile, was strutting hard. After getting home from Knebworth, he began wearing a T-shirt that definitely was ''not'' for sale. It read, (smallcaps) That cocky attitude was as salable a quality as any band apparel.

  7. (quote-journal)’s brilliance has turned F.C.|Chelsea’s pop-up team into champions|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=9 September 2017|newspaper=(w)|location=London|date=13 May 2017|passage=The attacking three have also been allowed to bloom. Liberated from deep defensive duties (w) has become more expressive, more obviously, flashily complete. Not to mention more saleable too, his role closer to the way Europe's monied giants in Spain and France allow their stars to function.

  8. Something that can be sold.

  9. (quote-book). Containing Several Singular Anecdotes Relating to the Character and Conduct of that Great Genius, and the Most Deservedly Celebrated Stella. In a Series of Letters to His Lordship. Two which are Added, Two Original Pieces of the Same Author (Excellent in Their Kind) never before Publish’d|location=London|publisher=Printed and sold by W. Reeve at Shakespear's Head near Serjeant's Inn|Serjeants-Inn Gate, Street|Fleet-street, and by A. Linde in Catherine-street in the London|Strand|year=1754|pages=132–133|pageurl=|oclc=963702596|passage=If any of their ware were ſuch, as he could poſſibly make uſe of, or pretend to make uſe of, he always brought ſome: and paid for every half-penny-worth, at leaſt ſixpence: and for every penny-worth, a ſhilling. If their ſaleables were of another nature, he added ſomething to their ſtock: with ſtrict charges of induſtry, and honeſty.

  10. (quote-book)

  11. (quote-book)|year2=2005|page2=215|pageurl2=|isbn2=978-1-84467-051-2|passage=The transformation of expressive content from an undirected impulse into material for manipulation makes it palpable, exhibitable, saleable. The lyrical subjectivism of Heine|Heinrich Heine, for example, does not stand in simple contradiction to his commercial traits; the saleable is itself subjectivity administrated by subjectivity.