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salary englannista suomeksi

  1. palkka, liksa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kuukausipalkka monthly, vuosipalkka yearly, kiinteä palkka d, palkka usually monthly is meant, liksa informal

  3. Verbi

salary englanniksi

  1. A fixed amount of money paid to a worker, usually calculated on a monthly or annual basis, not hourly, as wages. Implies a degree of professionalism and/or autonomy.

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  3. 1668 July 3rd, Dalrymple, 1st Viscount of Stair|James Dalrymple, “Thomas Rue ''contra'' Andrew Houſtoun” in ''The Deciſions of the Lords of Council & Seſſion'' I (Edinburgh, 1683), page 547

  4. ''Andrew Houſtoun'' and ''Adam Muſhet'', being Tackſmen of the Excize, did Imploy ''Thomas Rue'' to be their Collector, and gave him a Sallary of 30. pound ''Sterling'' for a year.
  5. (quote-book)

  6. To pay on the basis of a period of a week or longer, especially to convert from another form of compensation.

  7. Saline.