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sackful englannista suomeksi

  1. säkillinen

  1. pussillinen, repullinen, säkillinen

sackful englanniksi

  1. The amount a sack will contain.

  2. ''A sackful of sand won't help the soil here much, but a dump truck full would.''

  3. (circa) (w), ''Resolves, Divine, Morall, Politicall'', London: Henry Seile, Essay 48, p.(nbs)155,

  4. If I be not so rich, as to sowe almes by sackfulls, euen my Mite, is beyond the superfluity of wealth: and my pen, my tongue, and my life, shal (I hope) helpe some to better treasure, then the earth affoords them.
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  7. You live until you die, and it doesn’t matter ''how'' you go; dead’s dead. So why carry on like a sackful of sick cats just because Herb Clutter got his throat cut?
  8. A large number or amount (of something).

  9. 1590, (w), ''A Brief Discoverie of the False Church'', p.(nbs)231,

  10. what can the Pope say more for his sackfull of traditions?
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  12. (..) away we went home again fraught with a Sackful of news to tell our Master.
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  14. (..) I understand a hundred arts, and have, moreover, a sackful of cunning!
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  16. Day and night the poor fellow raved, and always about that confounded orchid, the loss of which seemed to weigh upon his mind as though it were a whole sackful of unrepented crimes.
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  18. He received sackfuls of hate mail and few letters of support.
  19. Intent on plunder.

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  21. Now will I sing the sackfull troopes, Pelasgian ''Argos'' held,