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  1. s

  1. Substantiivi

s englanniksi

  1. S

  1. The nineteenth letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. Voiceless alveolar fricative.

  3. Symbol for second, an SI unit of measurement of time.

  4. (Latn-def)

  5. (abbreviation of) (qualifier)

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  7. (alternative form of)

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  9. 1978, Rolf Lyssey and Christa Maerker, ''Die Schweizermacher'' (transcript):

  10. Wüssed Si, Herr Bodmer, das isches, was ich so bewundere an de Schwitzer: Ire Humor. I jedere Situazion s’richtige Wort.
    : You know, Mr Bodmer, that's what I admire about the Swiss – their humour. The right word for every situation.
  11. 2010, (w), ''Der Goalie bin ig'':

  12. D Wohnig isch d Wohnig und ds Business isch ds Business.
    : Accommodation is accommodation, and business is business.
  13. with

  14. The object depicted in the hieroglyph s. (uncertain)

  15. A cloth

  16. A vessel or container (made of gold) (defdate)

  17. A type of waterfowl, perhaps the teal (''crecca'')(R:egy:Cleveland), especially as an offering for the dead (defdate)

  18. (form of)

  19. (abbr of) (ngd)

  20. (alt form)

  21. (alt form) (defdate)

  22. (egy-alt)

  23. (abbreviation of); cent

  24. (non-gloss definition)

  25. (romanization of)

  26. (l) (gloss)

  27. see under (l)

  28. (alternative spelling of)

  29. it

  30. the, (ngd)

  31. (abbreviation of)

  32. (n-g)

  33. (ux)

  34. (Latn-def)

  35. (q) with, together with, along with

  36. (quote-book)

  37. (qualifier) from, off

  38. {{ux|sh|pao sam sa stabla.|I fell from the tree.

  39. (m) (qualifier) of (= (m), (m))

  40. (q) ''miscellaneous prepositional senses in phrases that employ a connection''

  41. neuter gender

  42. (alternative form of), (n-g)

  43. page; (abbreviation of)