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rung englannista suomeksi

  1. piena

  1. puola, tikas, poikkipuu, astin

  2. poikkipuu, piena

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

rung englanniksi

  1. A crosspiece forming a step of a ladder; a round.

  2. A crosspiece between legs of a chair.

  3. A position in a hierarchy.

  4. (ux)

  5. A floor timber in a ship.

  6. One of the stakes of a cart; a spar; a heavy staff.

  7. One of the radial handles projecting from the rim of a wheel.

  8. One of the pins or trundles of a wheel.

  9. (past participle of) (qualifier)

  10. (en-simple past of)

  11. 1723, Charles Walker, ''Memoirs of Sally Salisbury'', VI:

  12. With ecchoing Shouts the vaulted Chamber rung, / ''Belle Chuck'' was now the ''TOAST'' of ev'ry Tongue.
  13. (quote-journal)

  14. (quote-book)

  15. Of a pig: having a ring through the nose.

  16. 1842, ''American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine'' (volume 13, page 335)

  17. (..) he passed by his gate with a decided scowl on his furrowed brow, and grunting and growling like a newly rung pig.
  18. 1919, ''Popular Science'' (volume 95, number 4, page 31)

  19. A "rung" pig is comfortable as long as he confines his food hunt to the surface of the ground. Ringing a pig of ordinary size is easy, but special arrangements must be made for handling the big ones.
  20. logboat, canoe

  21. office

  22. to put in motion; to shake; to agitate; to ring (bell)