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roam englannista suomeksi

  1. harhailla, vaellella

  1. Verbi

  2. vaellella, kuljeskella, harhailla

  3. vierailla

roam englanniksi

  1. To wander or travel freely and with no specific destination.

  2. 2013, Daniel Taylor, ''Jack Wilshere scores twice to ease Arsenal to victory over Marseille'' (in ''The Guardian'', 26 November 2013)

  3. Wilshere had started as a left-footed right-winger, coming in off the flank, but he and Özil both had the licence to roam. Tomas Rosicky was not tied down to one spot either and, with Ramsey breaking forward as well as Olivier Giroud's considerable presence, Marseille were overwhelmed from the moment Bacary Sagna's first touch of the night sent Wilshere running clear.
  4. To use a network or service from different locations or devices.

  5. To transmit (resources) between different locations or devices, to allow comparable usage from any of them.

  6. 2013, Scott Isaacs, Kyle Burns, ''Beginning Windows Store Application Development''

  7. At first, it seemed counterintuitive to me to roam settings between computers, but my problem at the time was that every example I was considering was a setting that only made sense for a single computer.
  8. To range or wander over.

  9. (RQ:Milton Paradise Regained)

  10. (quote-journal)| title=Obama goes troll-hunting| passage=According to this saga of intellectual-property misanthropy, these creatures trolls roam the business world, buying up patents and then using them to demand extravagant payouts from companies they accuse of infringing them.

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