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riddle englannista suomeksi

  1. arvoitus

  2. ratkaista arvoitus

  3. täyttää

  4. puhua arvoituksellisesti

  5. seula

  6. seuloa, siivilöidä

  7. hämmentää

  1. arvoitus

  2. arvata

  3. siivilöidä

  4. rei’ittää, puhkoa

  5. vilistä

riddle englanniksi

  1. A verbal puzzle, mystery, or other problem of an intellectual nature.

  2. (syn)


  3. (RQ:Milton Paradise Regained)

  4. (RQ:Chambers Younger Set) understood it," she observed, lightly scornful. "What occult meaning has a sun-dial for the spooney? ''I'm'' sure I don't want to read riddles in a strange gentleman's optics."

  5. An ancient verbal, poetic, or literary form, in which, rather than a rhyme scheme, there are parallel opposing expressions with a hidden meaning.

  6. To speak ambiguously or enigmatically.

  7. To solve, answer, or explicate a riddle or question.

  8. (senseid) A sieve with coarse meshes, usually of wire, for separating coarser materials from finer, as chaff from grain, cinders from ashes, or gravel from sand.

  9. A board with a row of pins, set zigzag, between which wire is drawn to straighten it.

  10. To put something through a 2|riddle or sieve; to sieve; to sift.

  11. (quote-journal) (Gardening)|location=London|date=8 April 2014|passage=In its finest form – two years old or more – leaf mould can be riddled (sieved) and used, mixed 50/50 with sand, to make fine potting compost for seeds and cuttings.

  12. To fill with holes like a 2|riddle.

  13. (quote-av)

  14. To fill or spread throughout; to pervade.

  15. A curtain; bedcurtain.

  16. One of the pair of curtains enclosing an altar on the north and south.

  17. To plait.