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review englannista suomeksi

  1. arviointi

  2. kertaus

  3. tarkastaa

  4. tarkastus

  5. revyy

  6. arvostelu

  7. kirjoittaa arvostelu, arvostella

  8. katselmus

  9. tarkistus

  10. muistella

  11. parantaa

  12. arvioida

  13. revisio

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kertaus

  3. arvostelu

  4. tarkastelu

  5. revyy

  6. katsaus

  7. tarkastus

  8. tarkastus, tutkinta

  9. Verbi

  10. käydä läpi">käydä läpi, tarkastella

  11. kirjoittaa arvostelu, arvostella

  12. arvioida, kerrata

review englanniksi

  1. A second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact in an attempt to gain new insights.

  2. (ux)

  3. An account intended as a critical evaluation of a text or a piece of work.

  4. {{quote-book|en|year=1971|author=Peter Brown|title=The World of Late Antiquity: AD 150—750|page=54|publisher=Thames & Hudson LTD|year_published=2013|isbn=0393958035

  5. A judicial reassessment of a case or an event.

  6. A stage show made up of topical sketches etc.

  7. (syn)

  8. A survey of the available items or material.

  9. A periodical which makes a survey of the arts or some other field.

  10. A military inspection or display for the benefit of superiors or VIPs.

  11. A forensic inspection to assess compliance with regulations or some code.

  12. (senseid) To survey; to look broadly over.

  13. To write a critical evaluation of a new art work etc.; to write a review.

  14. (quote-journal)|date=23 December 2014|passage=(..) "Interview (2014 film)|The Interview," a crude and poorly reviewed comedy about a C.I.A. effort to hire two bumbling journalists to knock off (w), the (w)n leader (..)

  15. To look back over in order to correct or edit; to revise.

  16. (quote-journal)

  17. To over again (something previously written or learned), especially in preparation for an examination.

  18. To view or see again; to look back on.

  19. (RQ:Shakespeare Winter's Tale)

  20. To retrace; to go over again.

  21. (RQ:Pope Odyssey)