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residuum englannista suomeksi

  1. jäännös

  1. Substantiivi

residuum englanniksi

  1. The residue, remainder or rest of something.

  2. The solid material remaining after the liquid in which it was dissolved has been evaporated; a residue.

  3. A binary function from 0,1 × 0,1 to 0,1 which is defined in terms of the t-norm as follows: x \rightarrow y = \sup \{ z | z x \leqslant y\}, where * denotes the t-norm function and \sup denotes the supremum.

  4. The residuum of the minimum t-norm is a function \rightarrow such that x \rightarrow y = \begin{cases} y, & \text{if } x > y \\ 1, & \text{if } x \leqslant y .\end{cases}

  5. The residue of an estate.

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