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recover englannista suomeksi

  1. käyttää uudelleen

  2. elpyä

  3. verhoilla uudelleen

  4. voittaa takaisin

  5. toipua

  6. saada takaisin

  1. saada takaisin

  2. palautua, parantua, tervehtyä

recover englanniksi

  1. To back, to regain (a physical thing; in astronomy and navigation, sight of a thing or a signal).

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  7. to salvage, to extricate, to rescue (a thing or person)

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  9. To replenish to, resume (a good state of mind or body).

  10. To obtain a positive judgement; to win in a lawsuit.

  11. To gain as compensation or reparation, usually by formal legal process

  12. To reach (a place), arrive at.

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  16. To restore to good health, consciousness, life etc.

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  18. (RQ:Burton Melancholy)gave him a clyster, by which he was speedily recovered.

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  20. To make good by reparation; to make up for; to retrieve; to repair the loss or injury of.

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  23. I do hope to recover my late hurt.
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  25. To regain one's composure, balance etc.

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  27. To better, to regain health or prosperity.

  28. to recover from

  29. Recovery. (defdate)

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  31. A position of holding a firearm during exercises, whereby the lock is at shoulder height and the sling facing out.

  32. The forward movement in rowing, after one stroke to take another (recovery)

  33. To cover again.

  34. To add a new roof membrane or steep-slope covering over an existing one.

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