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rebel englannista suomeksi

  1. kapinoida

  2. kapinallinen

  1. kapinallinen, niskoittelija, niskuri

  2. kapinoida, niskuroida

  3. Substantiivi

rebel englanniksi

  1. Rebel

  1. A person who resists an established authority, often violently

  2. A person from the States of America

  3. To resist or become defiant toward an authority.

  4. rebellious

  5. persistent, stubborn

  6. (l)

  7. rebel

  8. A sinner (gloss)

  9. A (l) (gloss)

  10. One who refuses to follow directives or regulations; a rulebreaker.

  11. An uprising or revolt against one's authorities.

  12. One's opponent; an opposing individual.

  13. Revolting, treasonous, rebelling; leading an insurrection or fighting authorities.

  14. Sinful, iniquitous; defying the words or commands of a divine authority.

  15. Showing disobedience, undutiful; refusing to follow orders, laws, or rules.

  16. Refractory, set in one's ways or opinions.

  17. Impatient, overly hurried or quick.

  18. (alt form)

  19. (l), insurgent