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rat englannista suomeksi

  1. palkata rikkureita

  2. metsästää rottia

  3. rotta

  4. käyttää valkkia

  5. valkki

  6. juoruta

  7. rikkoa lakkoa

  8. pettää toverinsa

  1. rotta

  2. petturi

  3. roisto, lurjus

  4. vasikka

  5. antaa ilmi, kannella

  6. Substantiivi

  7. Verbi

rat englanniksi

  1. A medium-sized rodent belonging to the genus ''Rattus''.

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  3. Any of the numerous members of several rodent families (e.g. voles and mice) that resemble true rats in appearance, usually having a pointy snout, a long, bare tail, and body length greater than about 12 cm, or 5 inches.

  4. A person who is known for betrayal; a scoundrel; a quisling.

  5. (RQ:Stevenson Treasure Island)

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  7. (quote-book)|publisher=H. John Edwards|location=Sydney|year_published=1940|chapter=XVIII|page=185|text="Ah, so you damn rat, this is a put-up job eh?"

  8. An informant or snitch.

  9. A scab: a worker who acts against trade union policies.

  10. A person who routinely spends time at a particular location.

  11. A wad of shed hair used as part of a hairstyle.

  12. A roll of material used to puff out the hair, which is turned over it.

  13. Vagina.

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  15. 1910, L. W. Pierce, "Muskrats are fast disappearing", in ''Hunter-trader-trapper'', page 70:

  16. The price of rats began to rise and soon after the marsh froze over, spearing rats began, which was done with a one tine three-eighths inch steel rod, with a wooden handle (..)
  17. 1929, E. J. Dailey, in ''Hardings Magazine'''s ''Question Box'', printed in ''Fur Fish Game'', page 73:

  18. Where natural marshes, or natural foods are found, are best places for raising muskrats. Louisiana and other southern states raise millions of rats, but they do not bring as good prices as northern raised ones. Delaware and Maryland have famed marshes. Other states are becoming noted for muskrat raising, also.
  19. To betray a person or party, especially by telling their secret to an authority or an enemy; to turn someone in.

  20. ''He ratted on his coworker.''

    ''He is going to rat us out!''

  21. To work as a scab, going against trade union policies.

  22. To kill rats.

  23. A scratch or a score.

  24. A place in the sea with rapid currents and crags where a ship is likely to be torn apart in stormy weather.

  25. To scratch or score.

  26. To tear, rip, rend.

  27. Damn, drat, blast; used in oaths.

  28. 1904, Rafael Sabatini, ''The Tavern Knight'', chapter XXVI:

  29. “But, rat me, sir,” cried Foster in bewilderment, “tis too generous—'pon honour it is. I can't consent to it. No, rat me, I can't.”
  30. A ration.

  31. 2014, John, ''Buffoon'' (page 243)

  32. With regards to the testing of his product, the initial blood analysis had come back confirming huge, distinctive nutritional superiority for Stewart's military ration pack. Given that the policy of the British Army is to be fully ready for war at the drop of a hat, he was sitting on the potential of supplying new rats for the entire army (..)
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  35. wheel, wheel

  36. A rat, medium-sized rodent belonging to the genus ''Rattus'', or of certain other genera in the family Muridae.

  37. Any of the numerous, fairly large members of several rodent families that resemble true rats in appearance.

  38. A traitor; a scoundrel; a quisling.

  39. An urchin.

  40. A pauper; undesirable commoner.

  41. A watch.

  42. rat

  43. sweetheart

  44. scrooge

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  46. night

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  48. wheel

  49. fast, quick

  50. (alt form)

  51. (''rattus'')Gui Benoèt, "Las bèstias", 2008, Toulouse, IEO Edicions, 2008, (ISBN), p. 161 rat

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  53. land

  54. blood(R:Courthiade:2009)

  55. night(R:Courthiade:2009)

  56. rat

  57. war

  58. (uxi)

  59. (l) or mouse

  60. rat (rodent of the family Muridae)

  61. garbage, waste, in forest lying twigs, rotten trees and stumps

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